The Divadend Difference

People often ask us how Divadend shoes are different than all the other shoes they’ve tried. We usually end up pulling the shoe off our foot and excitedly explaining all the features we incorporated based on input from experts in ergonomics, physical therapy, anatomy and shoe construction.  

We start by pointing out the gentle pitch which is the slope from the heel to toe that distributes weight evenly across the foot rather than pressuring the ball of the foot. 

Then we press down on the insole showing the abundant cushioning that retains its shape rather than breaking down with wear.  People always comment on the generous arch support that is unlike any dress shoe they have seen. You can feel it meet the sole of your foot and it almost feels like a massage. The supportive arch relieves pressure on the ball of the foot and supports healthy posture

Do you know how you tend to walk differently wearing a sneaker than a heel?  We’ve developed a dress shoe that allows you to stride freely (as opposed to gingerly) providing mobility, grace and confidence.  This freedom stems from the traction and shock absorption of the outsole as well as the gentle pitch, cushioning, arch support and secure fit. 

Divadend Footwear is ending the debate between the shoes you love and the shoes you wear!