Our Story

Caroline and Isabel from Divadend

Divadend Footwear is about having the freedom to walk anywhere with confidence. 

Confidence in how we look, confidence in our stride and confidence to focus on life.  Isn’t that what we all want?

We started Divadend Footwear when we realized the vast difference between the shoes we liked and the shoes we were wearing.

We are offering women what we crave: Shoes to take us where we’re going – to work, to dinner, to walk across town or run to the farthest airport gate.  Shoes that free us to stride confidently and pack lightly.  Shoes that elevate our wardrobe staples as well as the fun new pieces for the season.  Shoes that allow us to focus on living life.

We are ending the debate between the shoes we love and the shoes we wear.  Style without compromise has arrived. 

Inspired by Community, Inspired by Family

Divadend was created by a community.  It isn’t just us.  We’ve shared our dream with countless savvy friends who have generously supported our mission with ideas, introductions, insight and feedback, as well as encouragement and love. 

We are cousins who enjoy learning, fashion and design, travel, cooking, time with friends and endless laughs (at the same old jokes) with our large family.   Our mothers are sisters and they enjoy the same things we do.  They have always placed a premium on being able to walk as a simple pleasure, in comfort and style, without distraction.  We are excited to name our footwear styles after locations where we enjoy walking. 

Ironically, we never considered ourselves “shoe people”.  We have always been more interested in the fashion of clothing than footwear because fashion footwear rarely meets our real life need of being able to walk.  We aren’t women who have collections of eye-catching shoes.   Instead we have bought the same types of shoes over and over in hopes of discovering that go-to shoe that could take us anywhere and work effortlessly with our wardrobes. 

We chose the name Divadend Footwear as a nod to our financial careers blending the concept of a return on investment with an elegant twist.  While we don’t consider ourselves divas in the conventional sense, the definition of a glamorous successful woman inspires us. 

We have discovered that we all crave the same thing – the freedom to walk wherever we want, when we want.  And time.  Time to pursue our passions.  Time to enjoy life. 


Thank you for the inspiration and support!

Caroline and Isabel