Liz, 51, Boston

"The Divadend loafers are my new favorite shoe -- and they have some serious competition in my closet! I love the modern take on an old classic, but even better is the fit. These shoes hug and support my feet. For all of those days you want to love what you’re wearing and not have to worry about walking all over town or standing all day, these are the shoes to wear."

Sarah, 28, Santa Monica

"These shoes are more comfortable than being barefoot."

Melissa, 34, Chicago

          "Finally, a shoe I can wear all day and evening."

Gina, 44, Vermont

"I love my black suede Divadend heels.  They look gorgeous with everything from my favorite DVF wrap dress to jeans and slim pants with a silk top.  But what I love most is how they feel. The footbed feels like it was made for my foot and is incredibly supportive and comfortable.  I grab them first on days I am headed to the city or planning to be on my feet -- they're perfect! The bonus is supporting a company run by two creative women who realized the need so many women have for beautiful shoes that also support and nurture your feet. Hooray!"
"I have 2 pairs that I wear all the time because they look cute and I can literally run down the street in them, even though they are heels! I am not kidding."

Wendy, 50, Philadelphia 

"I love my Divadend pumps. I bought the first pair available (black suede) and they are my go-to shoe. They are comfortable, stylish, and just the right height. I can't wait to try another Divadend shoe as soon as it becomes available!"

Sarah, 38, Chicago

"The shoe is very, very comfortable.  It is a reliable everyday shoe. I wore the shoes commuting and in the office. I am a regular walker during the workday and I even attended a morning reception where I stood for an hour and half."

Jen, 54, Boston

"I love my Divadend pumps but they really nailed it with these loafers. They are so comfortable I slip them on to walk the dog."

Ellen, 42, Boston

"I LOVE these shoes. As a mom who has been mostly working from home for the past few years I have not had to wear "real" shoes very often and when I did I would wear my flip flops to commute and wear my "real" shoes for the shortest time possible, until now. These shoes fit great, look great, and feel even better. I wore them to commute, work, run errands, and go to kid stuff. I never had the feeling of "I can't wait to get these things off my feet". I also felt as if I could walk forever in these shoes. I am so glad I found them and I look forward to seeing more shoes from Divadend."

Kelly, 44, Cambridge

"Honestly, I would equate this with Prince Charming coming and fitting my shoe!"

Virginia, 45, Boston

"These shoes are amazing and beautiful. In spite of their attractiveness, the shoes are crafted with such attention to detail that they are sturdy and comfortable throughout - including difficult spots such as the bunion area and arch. I can wear them to work all day and not think once about my feet, except when someone compliments me on my shoes."

Sarah, 46, Boston

"24-7 shoe....day and night. The comfort is not imaginable until you wear them a whole day. These shoes would be amazing on a business trip. They would be all that you would need."

Sonya, 58, Boston

"You've nailed this.  I am wearing them for the first time right now in Prague where I've walked from the Four Seasons through the Square by the Tyn Church and Jan Hus statue. It has been 4.5 hours - one cocktail party and two miles of walking later - and my feet feel fantastic! Also, no time to break them in...a moot point now."

Pam, 67, Chicago

"These shoes feel better than my Crocs."

Patty, 64, Boston

"I wore your gorgeous black suede pumps and walked to the Opera House while visiting Chicago. They are everything you say, easy and comfortable to walk in and quite stylish. I cannot wait for the next style to be available. Thanks for the pleasure!"

Anne, 70, Chicago

"I am thoroughly excited about finally finding a shoe that is made for a woman who must have a very good looking shoe that is extremely comfortable and can be worn all day and into the evening."

Kathi, 72, Boston

"This is a shoe I can wear through the airport and a day of meetings and feel well-dressed."