Our Process and Construction

We set out to design the shoes that we want to wear every day: shoes that allow us to walk freely while elevating our wardrobe.  



Coming from the financial industry, we needed to immerse ourselves in the footwear world.  We began by studying at the prestigious Ars Sutoria School in Milan where we met people from all over the world learning the art of shoemaking and the fundamentals of the footwear industry.  As we shared our vision to launch a footwear company, every conversation opened doors.  Friends introduced us to experts and from there we recruited a team to bring our shoes to reality –  experts in anatomy, ergonomics, fashion, design, manufacturing, marketing, technology... 


Through formal and informal conversations we gathered feedback on every element that women seek in their shoes.  We analyzed the shoes in our closets identifying features we wanted to include and avoid.  From that input we developed the criteria for our shoes:

  • A shock-absorbing rubber heel that is high enough to feel elegant yet low enough for miles of walking and hours of standing
  • A rubber sole with traction to provide stability and confidence
  • A cushioned insole to soothe the feet while supporting the arch and metatarsal area
  • An overall construction that allows the body and feet to function in a healthy way
  • Luxurious and durable materials
  • And of course, the shoes need to be beautiful and versatile!

We went through round after round of revisions to get every element just right incorporating feedback from wear testers and charter customers.  We went through 30 versions of prototypes of the Greenway pump to get every detail exactly right.  Only once we heard time and again that we had nailed the fit and construction, did we feel ready to offer our collection.   

Gathering feedback will continue to be key to our process as we build our selection of shoes and our reach so please share your input with us at isabelandcaroline@divadend.com.  

Thank you for the inspiration and support!

Caroline and Isabel