Our Quest for Leather (and a Reservation at Ralph Lauren’s NYC Polo Club!)

When we first envisioned Divadend Footwear company, we thrilled at the prospect of designing styles and choosing fun and luxurious materials.  Glamorous dreams—followed by hard work! The first couple years have included just as much science as fashion.  We've been immersed in physics and ergonomics, as we've worked to create the just-right foundation of a healthy fit: a shock absorbing heel and sole and a well-cushioned insole with strong arch and metatarsal support. 

So, the prospect of shopping for leathers in Manhattan was especially exciting. We visited showrooms near 7th Ave in the 30s looking for rich looking suedes and metallics that would be beautiful on their own yet blend seamlessly with real life.   

While we had specific criteria in mind for our first capsule collection, we took away some bolder ideas for when we offer a broader collection.  

Since we enjoy travel and are always on the lookout for style inspiration, we pulled some strings to get a coveted reservation at Ralph Lauren's new Polo Bar in Midtown. It truly does feel like a club since you can't even enter the bar without a reservation.  Once in, we made an evening of it with dinner in the dining room followed by cappuccinos in the upstairs bar. The atmosphere didn't disappoint with trademark Ralph Lauren decor and top-notch people watching. It was especially exciting to see my friend Joe Santos' Brooklyn Gin on the menu. The restaurant clearly supports high quality local purveyors.  

Our evening was the perfect accent to our working trip. The next morning we shared our leather concepts with our manufacturing agent who was in town from Brazil. He isn't accustomed to working with unestablished brands but our enthusiasm must have been contagious as he helped us map plans and a timeline to launch our collection. 

Becoming part of the club isn’t easy… but we’re getting there!