Fashion 4WRD at Boston Fashion Week

We had the privilege of attending an exciting event called Fashion 4WRD to kick off Boston Fashion Week:.  The event was a collaboration between the MIT Enterprise Forum, the Museum of Fine Arts and DeScience to celebrate the intersection of fashion and technology.   

The dress code was dress to impress”—intimidating, no doubt, but it made for great people watching!  Yet again we were struck by how some of the most elegant-looking shoes made for most awkward walking.   

One of the panelists was from an organization called Modern Meadow.  Similar to how scientists have started to grow organs, this company is looking to grow materials such as leather to be used in apparel.   Another panelist was from a company called Manufacture New York which is trying to better integrate technology into clothing by making things such as washable batteries.   

The panelists discussed how fashion items meant to endure for years were more socially conscious than those designed for a season or twothat idea resonated with us.   

 It was an inspiring night to witness the creative and scientific power in our community.  And a bonus to check out the tech-infused fashion!