Want to Age Well? Use Your Toes

I've had bunions for as long as I can remember.  In my early 20s while being fitted for ski boots, I was surprised to learn that the foot shape I took for granted was considered irregular.  And no, my bunions are not the result of wearing the wrong shoes! It drives me crazy when people imply that I caused them.  I can definitively say that my bunions are hereditary because I noticed the same foot shape on my young daughter.

Like many people with bunions, I didn't use to engage my toes when I walked.  When you don't use your toes, you lose muscle strength and flexibility in your feet resulting in decreased balance and worsening bunions as the mobility and arches deteriorate increasing foot pain.  

Recently my feet have become stronger and more flexible.  A large part of the improvement is due to wearing Divadend shoes almost every day.  With the Divadend footbed, my toes engage when I walk and the arch support takes pressure off the bunion area. 

Also, I've been exercising my arch muscles.  I've developed a habit of manually straightening my big toes while in the shower and gripping the tub with all of my toes while focusing on lifting my arches.  I do the same during standing mat work in Pilates class.  I've noticed that the women in the class with bunions tend to have an especially hard time balancing.  

Want to improve your balance, mobility and foot pain?  Divadend shoes have a foot bed that engages your toes allowing a normal gait which helps strengthen the feet.  Take a step toward aging well in your Divadend shoes! 

Own your way,